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100% Australian Cooking Oil

Oil2U is committed to using Australian Premium oils to supply Restaurant’s, fast food outlets, bakeries and
all other cooking applications. We are committed to the environment.
This is not only good for the environment but also for your local communities.
We are committed to recycling 100% of all oil collected in an environmentally sound manner.

When making your buying decision please stop and consider the environment and your own local community . Our High Stability oils are 100% Australian grown, crushed and refined in Australia only .

We are committed to supplying you a premium quality high stability cooking oil at realistic prices. We want you to support your environment which in turn supports you.

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3 Steps to Become Oil2u Customer

1. Through our Sales Department

Communicating Customer Needs

2. Through Our Operations Department

Bringing those Needs to Reality

3. Through our Transport Department

Delivering Our Product straight to the Customer's Door

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    0800 3 oil2u (64528) .

    info@oil2u.co.nz sales@oil2u.co.nz

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